How to make a wooden binder box
Free do-it-yourself plans

How much wood you will need, what shapes to cut, dimensions, diagrams, and more. All free online for a binder box.
  These plans are for a binder box
with these dimensions:
inner width: 12"
inner depth: 11"
inner height: 2"
top height: 2"
board thickness: 1/2"
total height: 5"
total width: 13 3/4"
total depth: 12 3/8"

Cut each piece as shown from 1/2" thick wood.  Before you put on the lid, round off the back edges of the lid so it will be able to turn.  Use wood-glue and 1 1/4" finishing nails to assemble the box.  Round off the edges of the assembled box with sandpaper.  Drill pilot holes for two small screws (one through each side). The screws go through the side board and into the side edge of the lid near the back, so they can act as hinges for the lid.  Finish the box with a coat of light woodstain. 

sides (cut 2)
front board
11 7/8"
back board
12 3/8"
13 3/4" 

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